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Disability Services Offered in Hampton, VA

The Peninsula Center for Independent Living is proud to offer the disability community of Hampton a variety of different services. It is our goal to see to it that every disabled person who comes to The Peninsula Center is cared for.


We work within our community to locate housing for the disabled that is accessible and suited to your individual needs.


We provide assistance in resolving complaints in housing, education, employment, and community programs.
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Counseling is a wonderful tool for growth and understanding that we use at The Peninsula Center. We believe in partnering center visitors with a mentor who also has a disability is the best guide to independence.

Independent Living Skills Training

We teach basic skills with the goal of independent living in mind. We provide training in a variety of different areas, including:
  • Decision Making and Goal Setting
  • Self Advocacy with a Focus on Assertiveness
  • Budgeting and Money Management
  • Landlord/Tenant Responsibilities
Our skills training takes place both at the Center and at various locations throughout our community.


The Center works with youth with disabilities enrolled in High School Programs to assist them in acquiring the necessary skills which will allow them to make informed choices about their future and to acquire the necessary skills to function independently in the community
Transition services are also provided to assist in the prevention of institutionalization of people with disabilities as well as assisting those individuals who are institutionalized in transitioning to the community.

Additional Services

The Peninsula Center for Independent Living is dedicated to improving the lives of disabled persons throughout our community. We gladly accept referrals as a means for assisting individuals and offer workshops and seminars routinely that everyone is welcome to attend. We work together with our community to create choices and opportunities for people with disabilities.